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New HBCU Cycling Initiative, Cyclone Racing League Launches

March 6, 2024 - Raleigh, NC & Washington, DC: Technology firms eHome America (Washington, DC) and (Raleigh, NC) have announced that they have partnered to sponsor a new historically black college or university (HBCU) cycling league. The Cyclone Racing League (CRL) will launch in the Spring of 2024 and will have an initial focus on virtual racing on the Zwift platform. The Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) cycling team will be among the first HBCUs to compete in the CRL.

The league name “Cyclone” is meant to pay homage to cycling’s first Black superstar, Major Taylor. The CRL will constitute the first significant HBCU cycling effort since SAU became the first HBCU in the United States to field a team in the Spring 2020.

"We believe that indoor virtual cycling and the latest technology platforms offer a great way to bring new HBCU racers to the sport. Cycling experience and fitness can be gained without the inhibitions or anxiety associated with what can be often perceived as a very exclusive sport," states Dr. Mark Janas, SAU cycling team advisor.

Janas adds that getting an indoor team off the ground can be a lot less expensive and safer way to start a team. A single indoor smart bike or smart trainer can support several riders with far less maintenance required. Issues associated with bad weather, traffic, or lack of daylight are eliminated. Races and group rides take place for nearly twenty-four hours per day on indoor platforms such as

“The creation of the CRL establishes a powerful engine of opportunity for greater HBCU involvement in the sport of cycling. In time this will grow where we will be not only racing indoors but fielding teams across multiple HBCUs outdoors. Our efforts will help to start to move the needle on diversity and inclusion in cycling.” says Milt Sharp, President, and CEO of eHome America and an accomplished masters level mountain bike and e-racer in Northern Virginia.

Sharp has watched what SAU has been doing with its cycling program for the last several years, even participating in some of the team's virtual events and fundraisers. Sharp knew that that SAU team and advisors had been making efforts to seed new teams at other HBCUs and offered to help by lending his cycling expertise, business experience, and network to the cause. Sharp will serve as the CRL's Director.

Senior business major and SAU cycling team captain Jalen Little adds, “It’s an honor to be a part of not only the first HBCU cycling team but also the first HBCU cycling league. We hope to continue to push forward and support other teams like ours throughout the country. In the next few years I believe we’ll see significant progress in HBCU collegiate cycling.”

Riders from multiple HBCUs are expected to participate this Spring, and additional sponsors such as Canyon Bicycles have offered support. The preliminary CRL Zwift race schedule is as follows:

Race 1 – Saturday, March 23rd: The Bell Lap Crit City, 11 am Eastern Registration link:

Race 2 – Saturday, March 30th: NYC Park Perimeter, 11 am Eastern Registration link:

Race 3 – Saturday, April 6th: Richmond UCI Worlds, 11 am Eastern Registration link:

Race 4 – Saturday, April 13th: Scotland Rolling Highlands, 11 am Eastern Registration link:

Race 5 – Saturday, April 20th: Makuri – Chain Chomper, 11 am Eastern Registration link:

In addition to HBCU collegiate divisions, CRL events will include alumni and open divisions that are open to all riders. However, only riders who have registered and paid for each event in will be eligible for CRL podiums, as well as for prize drawings at the end of the 2024 Fall season. Paid registrants will also earn the satisfaction of supporting HBCU cycling! Note: HBCU collegiate division riders are required to register via to be eligible for podiums, however their fees will be waived upon request by emailing

Paid registrants who can't make the live event have the option of completing the prescribed course on their own anytime during the following week and then uploading the result to in the “TT” division. For more information write Mark Janas ( or Milt Sharp (

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