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What are virtual or SIM sports?

  • the merger of esports and "live" sports​

  • translatable skills

  • more accessibility

  • lower cost

  • bridge to start new programs

Virtual sports are more than just video games. Virtual or "SIM sports" are esports that closely simulate their real-world counterparts, where the skills and fitness in the live sport translate directly to the virtual version and vice versa.

For example, the skills in motorsport simulation translate directly to real race car driving. The skills in golf translate directly to playing on a golf simulator. Cycling and rowing fitness translate directly to their virtual versions.

SIM sports are exploding in popularity because generally speaking, they are much more accessible and much less costly than their real sport equivalents.  

About SAU Virtual Sports      SAU Virtual Sports Press Kit

Saint Augustine's University (SAU) formally started its virtual sports program during the Spring semester of 2021.  The school first competed in virtual sports through its cycling team, the first HBCU cycling team in the country.   

SAU has positioned itself as a national leader in virtual & simulation sports. With a new virtual sports suite opened in 2021, SAU competes in virtual cycling, rowing, golf, and motorsports events.  The program is supported through new curriculum and coursework in esports, simulation sports, and sports technology.    

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